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Review: Playing Stacy by Jenn Hype


Everyone Loves Stacy!


Review by Jo

Ever wonder what happened to Adalyn’s best friend the night Officer Chad took her to the station to teach her a lesson? Hype did.  Playing Stacy finds who?…Oh yeah, Stacy right where we all wanted to be a fly on the wall……the poke….the slammer….lockup….behind bars….okay…you get the idea.  Things might not be quite as simple as Officer Chad led Adalyn and Ian to believe; of course, things might never be simple between Chad and Stacy.  Enter Chad’s partner, Officer Joe, who doesn’t help simplify things in the least.  Hype brings her own special brand of wit and sarcasm to the party and then she amps it up several notches.  This trip to Hype World was a doozy. I don’t know what put me on the floor more….the laughter or the lust.  In the end, it doesn’t matter.  Every trip I’ve had to Hype World was well worth the price of admission.  My Recommendation: do yourself a favor and one-click this baby ASAP….you can thank me later 🙂  Want to know more? Keep reading.



Stacy’s no stranger to trouble, considering that’s where her smart ass remarks usually land her…in trouble.
A drunken night out with her best friend Adalyn lands her in jail. Not that she’d done anything wrong, except for hit on the incredibly sexy cop who showed up to take a report from Adalyn who’d had her purse stolen.
Chad, a no-nonsense officer who takes himself and his job very seriously, has no patience for Stacy’s shenanigans and over the top flirting. So he hauls her to jail to teach her a lesson, but didn’t expect it to cause Stacy to become a regular fixture in his life.
Stacy ends up befriending Chad’s partner, Joe, who keeps her company after Chad dumps her in a holding cell for the night. Joe and Stacy hit it off right away, resulting in Stacy always being around, no matter how much Chad tries to avoid her.
The constant bickering and sarcastic insults only heighten the sexual tension between Chad and Stacy, and Chad’s ability to control his emotions and actions becomes increasingly difficult.
A low scale war is declared between them, but their actions continue to both hurt each other while simultaneously pulling them together. When the fighting leads to literal bloodshed, they begin to wonder if they both should surrender before the war destroys them both.
This book contains strong language and sexual situations. It is recommended readers be 18 years or older.
Author Bio:
What’s up world – I’m Jenn Hype.
Author, mother, wife, singer/songwriter, aspiring comedian – I wear many hats. Some of them fit, some of them look ridiculous, and all of them are fun. Life’s too short to take anything too seriously, so I don’t.
Sarcasm is my go-to, especially when it’s most inappropriate. Need someone to make an uncomfortable situation even more awkward? I’m the girl for the job.
I’m ridiculously A.D.D. and I own it. I have a serious addiction to ecards and the majority of my Pinterest account is dedicated to them. The key to my heart is glitter and caffeine – my needs are basic.
I’m a bookaholic and I crush hard on my book boyfriends and their authors. Some might call me obsessive, but I disagree. That word really doesn’t do justice to how crazy I get when it comes to something I’m passionate about. I’m not afraid to go fangirl on you, so don’t test me.