How to describe what this blog will be about?  I’m going to cheat and show you something I wrote a couple of weeks ago. This was my first post on a page that FB made me create….read on to find out why FB thought I just had to have a page :p .  This post shows how plans can change drastically in just a few short weeks….notice you are now reading it on a website that the post itself says will not exist 😉 But, if you have read any of my posts on this website up to this point…you will notice I was spot on about the long winded stuff, LOL:

The Following was originally Posted on what is now this blog’s FB Page on Aug. 26, 2016 — https://www.facebook.com/LawlessLanders/
OK Party People….What? No party??? As many of you know…This is my page (waits for clapping to calm down). It was an unplanned page. And, this is my first official post! Cue the fan fare….Evidently FB thinks I talk about other people too much….GASP. No, that does not mean I’m a gossip…it means the majority of the time my personal profile is telling people to go check out or buy the books of the authors that I or that my friends love…(Because my friends are awesome and when they say look at this book…I say WHY!!!…aren’t I drowning in enough as it is? But, it gets added to my list because I know they know their stuff).
So, I have decisions to make. What am I going to name my page (FB doesn’t like my idea so far and since this was their idea they are being bossy about it…Oh wait, you say they’re bossy anyway? Well, you do have a point). What is my page going to be about….Well, Books…Duh, you say?….but I’m not a blogger…I don’t really want to blog per say so there wont be a website to go with this…I don’t have time to write a lot of reviews even if anyone liked my reviews…which is actually highly doubtful since, as you might have noticed, I am long-winded 😉 .
Should I just make it about Promoting books since that is what got me into this pickle to begin with? But, if I go that route, is it only the books I love, do I let my friends promote what they love as well or do I make it a free for all and let everyone in on the action? Or, do I do what one friend (you know who you are) has suggested and just post random shit? All in all, this is going to be a journey of discovery you might see scrolling by on your news feed…If you do, feel free to add your two cents and tell me where the journey should take me.


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