Authors Need Love, Too!

The Following books are within 11 reviews of hitting Amazon’s magic number of more than 50 reviews….which can lead to Amazon making them a little more visible on the site and in their emails.  So, if you’re looking for a way to support a specific author or authors in general….take a stroll through the list and see if any tickle your fancy….If one does…have fun reading that baby and don’t forget to leave a review…Reviews don’t have to be long….they can be shorter than this long winded post from yours truly 😉 Feel free to give us a shout out when your review is posted and maybe we’ll post that baby on our FB Page! ~Jo.

PS. If the title of the book has a strike through like this….It means it’s made it over the hump….so go see what others thought!

  1. Jenn Hype: Pressing Adalyn-The Pretending Series Bk1 :
  2. Jenn Hype: Farewell Apathy:
  3. Aaron L. Speer: Night Walker-Undeadly Secrets Series Bk
  4. RC Boldt: Laws of Attraction-Teach Me Series Bk 4:
  5. Claire Marta: FrostBite-The Hunter Chronicles (Bk 1):
  6. Elizabeth Reyes: His To Guard-Fate Bk6:
  7. V Kelly: First Impressions-To Be With You Series BK 1:
  8. Tabatha Kiss: Blind Girl-A Dark Billionaire Romance:
  9. Tabatha Kiss: Unbroken-A Bad Boy MMA Romance:The Midwest Alphas Trilogy Bk2:
  10. M. Eror: Pure Fantasy:
  11. J.M. Cole and Jamie Magee: Drakon: Bad Boy Romance – A Dragon’s Tale:

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