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Release Blitz: Shadow Chaser (The Undeadly Secrets Series Book 3) by Aaron L. Speer

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Shadow Chaser (Undeadly Secrets Book 3) by Aaron L Speer

Shadow Chaser:
No victory comes without cost. For Alexandra Hensley, that cost was crippling. She has no time to pick up the pieces of her shattered heart as another test of courage looms; the nightmare no one saw coming.
The Shadow Killer is unlike anything Alex has encountered.
As vampire allies join the hunt for him, she realises the paranormal is no longer being hidden. The secret is out and spilling onto the streets.
When it seems they are closing in on the killer, his true intent is discovered.
There is a way to defeat him. There is always a way. But there is always a price. Time is running out and the choice must be made. What would you give up to save the person you love the most?
Intended for 18+. Some scenes may be too intense for some readers.



By Jo Lawless


Shadow Chaser is one of those books that I put off writing a review for right away.  Why? Was it so bad I couldn’t contemplate writing about it?  Hell No! It was so good, I’m sure there isn’t anything I could write to do it justice. But, I’ll try.  It’s the third installment in Speer’s Undeadly Secret Series and if you thought it was time for the inhabitants of Sydney to get a nice sweet breather…………..You were Oh, So Wrong.  Speer uses this installment to wipe the floor with your emotions….good and bad.  It reminds this reviewer of a paranormal Law and Order: SVU episode all rolled into the twists and turns, plots and plans that are hallmarks of a Speer Offering. And just when you think he’s completely destroyed you……what is that you see? Could it be a ray of light? Don’t be so sure….. Only One thing is absolutely certain in The Speerverse…you can’t ever trust what you’re told or what you “think” you know… have to take the whole journey and discover the truth for yourself….Recommendation Status: Really? Do I even have to say it? IMO, you’re making a HUGE mistake if you don’t read this book. And soon, so you can track me down and tell me about it 😛


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Aaron loves writing adult paranormal fiction. Vampires, werewolves, ghosts….oh my.
When not spending time with family he enjoys dragging his forever patient wife to watch his beloved St George Illawarra Dragons, going to the movies for the latest blockbusters, going to the gym for his dream body. Or just a body. Anything, really. He lives with his wife and cat in Sydney, Australia; the setting for the majority of his works. They are excitedly awaiting the birth of their first child.



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